a story about treating a female knight who has never been treated as a woman as a woman,

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When I was a young girl, I often played with my sister’s toys. One of the things she had was her Barbie dolls and her Barbie house. My favorite game to play with them was “house.” During this time, I never thought about how different it would be if I were playing with male characters like G.I Joe or Batman, but now that I am an adult woman, I can see the differences more clearly than ever before. Post-publishing edits: -Remove bullet point list from opening paragraph. This is not a blog post about the history of Barbie dolls in society, but rather how young girls play with them and what they may think as an adult woman. Change title to “Treating a Female Knight as One” so it’s clear that this story is focused on treating female knights who have never been treated like women are treated (as opposed to all female knights). Fix grammar mistakes throughout article. The word “women” should be used instead of “woman.” There were also some sentences that said something would happen before or after another action when there was no timeline given for either event; fix these too. Lastly, remove unnecessary words such


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