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Stock splits are an important part of the investing process. They can be used as a way to generate interest in a stock, which will hopefully increase its price and attract new investors. A quizlet stock split is rare, but it’s happening right now! Right now would be a great time for you to invest in this company if you haven’t already done so. A stock split is either a one-for-one or a two-for-one, meaning that the company will divide its shares and distribute them to investors by giving out more of what they already have. This process can also be used in order for an investor to sell their investment at a predictable price with less risk involved. For example, if someone invested $100 worth of stocks into Company X when it first started off as 100 shares valued at $20 per share, then he would turn his 100 shares over to 200 after the stock’s value increased. They are now worth $40 each rather than just $20 before the increase – this means that there is now twice as much money in play for any future growths!


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