a step you can’t take back,

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Life is full of steps. Some we take back, and some we can’t. One such step is the permanent one: death. We all face it eventually, but just because you know how to prepare doesn’t mean you want to think about it constantly. Here are 5 things that will help when you’re ready for the permanent step  no matter what your age or where you live in life! Take the time to meet with your family and give them advice if you want, so they know what you’d like. It’s important that their wishes are clear for when it happens. Sit down together and discuss wills, life insurance policies, funeral arrangements, who will take care of kids or pets (if applicable), etcetera  these conversations can be tough but necessary! You never really know how much longer someone has left on this earth- it might only be a few weeks or months until death takes away one of our loved ones. If you have any unfinished business in terms of finances, relationships, personal goals – whatever is yours to complete try to do this now while there may still be an opportunity later on before fin


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