a star is born somewhere over the rainbow (dialogue),

milky way, stars, night sky @ Pixabay

“Where’s my rainbow?” “I don’t know, you tell me.” The only thing left was the moon. It had to be somewhere over there. The high-pitched

milky way, stars, night sky @ Pixabay

voice of the child was enough to make her stop and turn around. She had been walking for what seemed like hours, trying to find some way out from this jungle before she passed out again.


The moon shined down on a small girl who couldn’t be more than six years old with braids in her hair as well as an oversized shirt that looked much too heavy for such a little one. “Are you lost?” “I don’t know where I am.” She knelt down next to the girl, feeling herself start to get lightheaded when suddenly there were two people standing over them both; they didn’t look at all threatening but it wasn’t really possible that anyone would just happen to be out here in the middle of nowhere. “I’m lost too.” “What’s your name?” The girl was still holding her hand, and even though she didn’t know why it felt like that contact would make all the difference. “They call me Rainbow Dash.” She smiled at her new friend before looking back up at them again. “Can I take you home with me?” She started to hear their voices ringing in her ears as everything went black once more, but this time when she woke up there were people around who spoke a language that sounded vaguely familiar from long ago. __ Somewhere Over The Rainbow


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