6th sense technology

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The point is that we can use technology to help us notice our surroundings more clearly. For example, some people use a light and sound system to let them know where they are in relation to the city. Others use radar and other forms of technology to help them navigate their surroundings.

One more example is augmented reality (AR). AR is the technology of being able to see through a screen and see the world around you. This is the same technology used in Google Glass, where you can see what your friend is searching through your phone. In the case of AR, you can see the world around you from inside your own body, as in your phone, but your body is in a virtual world and looks like it is floating in space.

It’s not exactly the same technology since the AR glasses look like they are in your head while in reality the glasses are in your body. But it’s still a very cool technology.

The Google Glass project was a much smaller version of this technology that was more focused on helping you find people to help you with your Glass. With AR you have the option to see what your friend is searching through your phone while you are looking at your phone, and then you can see the people outside your phone. This isn’t exactly the same as an AR Glass, because while the Glass is in your body, you can’t see your phone while you are looking at it in real time.

The Glass is actually more of a virtual reality headset than a full AR Glass. The Glass is a completely virtual reality device. The only real differences between it and an AR Glass are that the Glass has voice commands, and the Glass only has one camera lens, while AR’s have two. Both are still not as good as AR Glasses because you cant really see what you are looking at. You can read text messages, but you cant really look at the person next to you.

The Glass is a virtual reality glasses, but the only difference between it and an AR Glass is the fact that it has a camera lens on it. The Glass is just a slightly better AR Glass. The Glass has voice commands, and has a small, single lens. This is because Glasses have a more immersive viewing experience, but it also has a smaller, single camera lens, and a smaller screen.

The Glass is still in the works – we are targeting a release in 2016. There is more to it, but the two images above give you a better idea about what it will look like.

The Glasses are, as the name would suggest, a camera. But more than just a camera; the Glasses have a small, single lens, and it can capture a wide range of different angles. It can, for example, be used to take pictures from places where there is no cover, such as looking up at the sky in a field.

The Glasses are, as the name would hint, a camera that can capture a wider range of angles than a normal camera. And that’s exactly what the Glasses are meant to do. Like the Glasses, the Glasses will be a single lens camera. However, the Glasses will be much smaller and lighter than the Glasses we already have.

This camera was developed by the British Army to replace the traditional film camera, so we can expect that the Glasses will be very affordable and extremely useful. They also seem to be the first of their kind, and they will be able to capture high-powered LED lights. This will allow them to be used in a range of situations, from military to surveillance, and will be an incredibly interesting development. The Glasses will also be able to capture video and still images at high quality.

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